Rio Small Leather Tote Bag Caramel Bronw (LB-292)

$195 $245

100% Genuine Leather Tote

Vegetable Tanned for the slick finish

Waxed to make sure it ages gracefully

Detachable Leather Straps


Top Length: 12.5"

Bottom Length: 9"

Width: 5"

Height: 9"

This beauty is handcrafted by skilled artisans using very high quality leather. Compact yet extremely functional, as comfortable to hold as it is to hang across your shoulder. This classic Tote will hold all thats important and then some more. The vegetable tanning using all natural oils will make sure it ages gracefully and 'self-repairs' as it takes on all that a day offers The clipper closure ensure safety without compromising on the ease of access.

We craft our own products and will be happy to customize your product for you. Whether you need a change in strap, pockets, over-all design or a complete new product we got you covered.

Need your name / initials engraved on a bag or want to gift a dozen handbags to the Bridegroom with each carrying a different name on it. We do that with ease. 

Drop us an email

Custom Engraving



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