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What makes us unique
Our Value Proposition : Our ability to produce and supply high quality Leather Goods at an unbeatable price
  • Consistent Quality : With our own production capability in Canada and India we can offer you a very wide range of products and material with consistent quality
  • Best Price We are a fully integrated supplier and our expertise starts right from raw material processing and extends to production and logistic agreements with leading companies. We can offer you unbeatable an unbeatable Price.
  • Wide Product range:
    We can offer you all types of leather products ranging from Wallets , Bags & Accessories to Equestrian products
    Our in-house expertise of all embellishments - embroidery, tooling, carving or engraving on leather, help reduce cost and production time
  • Experience : we have years of experience supplying leather products to leading and renowned brands across US/ Canada and Europe. Our production unit(s) are certified for required quality standards
  • Warehousing in US & Canada : with warehousing capability in both US and Canada, we can offer you a responsive and flexible supply chain. Ability to service orders on a short notice and leverage our tie-ups with leading logistics companies to ensure prompt global deliveries.
  • Small / Single Order Customization Capability : we are capable of handling orders ranging from a single bag customized with a company logo/ name to thousands of bags 

So go ahead and ask us for a sample. This could be the beginning of something big and lasting !



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