Vintage Leather Watch Strap - Watch Band

$39 $50
  • Standard Size -  Fits All
  • We design according to specific Watch sizes also.
  • Designed by Artisans.
  • Handcrafted by Skilled Craftsmen.
  • 100% Genuine Buffalo Leather
  • Cross Stitched Collars and reinforced lining ensure durability and reliability.
  • Soft lined, wearable, polished and solid stainless steel buckle.
  • Precision cutting hole and perfect fit on the wrist. 
  • Multi Purpose as can chose from our wide range of Leather Straps and Bands.
  • We use the softest leather and construct our straps with durable yet soft fittings.
  • Not your everyday Watch Straps - stand out with our leather Watch Straps and Bands.

We craft our own products and will be happy to customize your product for you. Whether you need a change in strap, pockets, over-all design or a complete new product we got you covered.

Need your name / initials engraved on a bag or want to gift a dozen handbags to the Bridegroom with each carrying a different name on it. We do that with ease. 

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Custom Engraving



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